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Keyman Nomination

What is the Keyman Award?
This award is meant to honor individuals whose dedication and work during the year was a key to the growth and success of the Peoria Jaycees. The recipient of this award need not have been an officer of the chapter, but might well have been that person whose behind the scenes drive and actions was the key element to create or sustain the momentum of the chapter.
What criteria are you looking for in a winner?

The Keyman Organization (comprised of previous recipients of the Keyman Award) establishes the criteria for selection. The basis for selection will include leadership, the ability to delegate responsibility and lead by example; formation and promotion of new projects a/o outstanding promotion of established projects; overall participation, committee work, new member recruiting, membership retention, meeting attendance at all levels; and demonstrated support of the Jaycee Creed.

Who is eligible?
Project Chairmen, Officers and Directors who have made an outstanding contribution beyond the expectations of their position, Regular Members who have distinguished themselves on a State or National level, or Regular Members whose work and activities have made an outstanding contribution to the success of the chapter. We are looking for someone whom the chapter would not have been the same in the past year without them.

Who can nominate someone for this award?
Anyone who is associated with the Peoria Jaycees

Is this award given out every year?
No. Nominations are accepted every year but it is up to the discretion of the Keymen Organization to determine if each nomination meets the criteria

Do I need to tell the person I am nominating that I have submitted something on them?
That’s completely up to you. It can be a surprise if you would like. Or you can tell them and get their help in gathering some of the information needed on the form.

Who are some people who are members of the Keyman Organization that I might know?
Roxy Baker, Nadine Barton, Mary Gordon, Brad Gordon, Mike Kelley, Dennis Owens, Rick Owens, Jeff Pulfer, Toby Quin, Jennifer Ritter, Randy Stevens, Ronni Salter, Amanda Hochertz and Kristina Peckmann

Feel free to reach out to any of these people if you have questions about the award and who you would like to nominate!

Download the nomination form here

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